The deterioration of the landscape in the town's lower Birks is causing distress to Mrs Moira Fitzsimon of Rannoch Road, Aberfeldy
"On a recent walk I was horrified to see the scale of the degradation of the piece of ground on the Crieff Road, close to where the wonderful stag sculpture is positioned," she told Comment.
Birks1999predegradationWeb"I don’t know who is responsible for this, but the perpetrators are obviously unaware that this section of the lower Birks, previously a beautifully maintained spot, with its daffodils in springtime and a nice bench to sit and contemplate, is the final resting place for the ashes of many Aberfeldy residents and also holiday makers who loved this area."
Mrs Fitzsimon supplied this photograph, which was taken in the spring of 1999. It shows the former charm of the area in question. 
She continued: "The families of these people must be truly devastated to see what this site has become.   
Much thought and care was put into the original planting of this area, the many rare trees and shrubs specifically chosen on the recommendation of a well known local expert on Himalayan style gardening, as being the most appropriate for the site".

Not Waste ground 
She added: "Some recent storm damage is really no excuse for allowing the destruction that has gone on amongst the trees. The bare earth urgently needs to be re-landscaped to make it clear that this is not waste ground."


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