Just before Easter a couple of posters on the walls of the Post Office section in the SPAR in Aberfeldy, along with a clutch of leaflets at the ‘bird cage’ service points, were all the notice given to counter staff and the public that change is upon them.
 These meagre notifications inviting those customers that glimpsed them to ‘Tell Us What You Think’ informed that ‘Post Office Services are talking to the subpostmaster about the possibility of changing your branch to one of our new local branches.  This would mean (among others):
PitPOCounterWeb• Post Office services would be offered from a till on the retail counter in a modern branch instead of the separate security screened counters
• If the change goes ahead the branch would be open for longer: Mon - Sun 06.00 - 22.00
• You’ll still have most of the Post Office products and services you are used to but some services will no longer be available at this branch....’

On checking these it was evident that the only one of those presently offered was ‘on demand travel insurance’ and this would continue to be available from the PO in Pitlochry.
The leaflets in Aberfeldy prompted the public to feedback comments on the proposals and to conduct this online by the deadline of 23 May. They also indicated that the changes are proposed to be in hand during June which will involve a two week disruption during which Pitlochry PO in Atholl Road ‘will be happy to provide you with Post Office services during this period’

The Pitlochry counter for services there is pictured above by Davy Nelson. It is understood that itself is ‘scheduled soon for refurbishment’.


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