30 Scottish Gins Featured on 11 July

Perthshire man and budding distiller Simon Fairclough has set up Scotland’s first Gin Club dedicated to nosing and tasting gins made north of the Border. On a mission to fly the flag for locally distilled gin, he is hosting Pitlochry’s first gin tasting event – giving gin-lovers in the area a chance to sample small-batch Scottish craft gins alongside the big brands.
GintastingsWebFounder and managing director of Glenshee Craft Distillers, a start-up artisan distillery in Highland Perthshire, Simon was formerly consultant for Johnnie Walker, Cardhu, Talisker and Jura blended and single malt whiskies. He explained why the Club is bang on trend: “Gin is undergoing a revival which shows no sign of abating anytime soon.
“Whether it’s with new artisanal brands, product variants or cocktail recipes, I want our Gin Club tastings to bring to life the experiential element, sharing hot tips on using different garnishes, mixers and botanicals.”
The tasting is in The Moulin Inn, famed for its celebration of craft drinks with its very own brewhouse. It takes place on Friday, 11 July from 6pm until 7.30pm.
Proprietor Chris Tomlinson says: “I’ll be sending my brewer along! He hopes to hear about new recipes using local ingredients so we can enhance some new ales.”

Glenshee Gin Production Planned
Gin Club Scotland’s interactive sessions include nosing botanicals common to gin, and sampling five quirky handcrafted new gins as well as some of the big guns.
With 70 per cent of UK gin made in Scotland, and over 30 different varieties created across 16 distilleries, there is no shortage of samples to choose from. After each event, attendees are given their own personal flavour profile report based on their preferences – with gin recommendations from across the globe to suit fruity, floral, spicy, savoury or sweet palates.
The price is £18 per ticket for five gin samples, and booking is online at www.ginclubscotland.com/tastings.
Simon Fairclough has just secured premises in Glenshee and will be running gin tastings from there as well as up and down the country. He aims to be producing gin and welcoming visitors to his distillery base from spring 2015.


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