Locals to be offered priority purchase options

At the beginning of May large signs appeared in Little Ballinluig in the field to the west of Creag Eilid in Grandtully, announcing a new development of 11 two and three-bedroom detached homes. 
Grenville Redmond, Managing Director of Cluaran Homes, told Comment:  “We bought the plot (outlined in red on the image) last year, but couldn’t plan construction until we had obtained the revised planning permission and that only came through in mid-April.  
Cluaran siteWeb“We’ll be starting soon and will hopefully have finished the building during 2015. 
“We’ve been in the construction industry since 1999 and are an old-fashioned company inasmuch as we build everything ourselves using artisan skills. “
He explained that the company specialises in ‘challenging and distinctive projects’ and has built theme parks, zoos, film sets and even a Scottish castle in Holland. 
He continued: “Here we plan to build in an attractive, traditional style of Scottish architecture with high energy efficiency, generous living areas and well proportioned gardens.
“The houses will be in keeping with what might have been there in the past and they’ll have proper slate roofs and open fires or Cluaran Aerial imageWebwood-burners.”

Local Family Occupation
Grenville, originally from Northern Ireland, hopes to open a local office soon, perhaps in Aberfeldy . He continued: “I’m very keen that these houses should be used by families who actually live and work in the area, rather than holiday lets or second homes.
“Through the Housing Marketing Strategy Plan, we’re going to offer local people priority to buy within the first nine weeks.”
There will be two different house styles, with prices starting at £159,000. Grenville added:  “If you compare our houses with others on the market at the same price, you’d be quite surprised as there’s more internal space.   
“I’m working with Creag Eilidh resident Donna Murray-Traill on developing the recreation area,  J&H; Mitchell are handling the sales and there’s also information on our site about the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme.”
Interested parties should visit the website: www.cluaranhomes.co.uk for more information.

The image above shows an aerial impression of the proposd layout of the new development


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