Main street businesses in Aberfeldy were enraged when P&K council workmen ran parking cones on both sides of the roads, right through the town, during the afternoon of Maunday Thursday.
As the sunshine anticipated the busiest of trading weekends for local retailers, the officials studded the kerbs, in among the already parked vehicles, prohibiting customers and travellers from parking.
Cones2WebTemporary traffic regulation orders are scheduled to apply in the town to prohibit vehicles turning and loading for a period of six weeks from 21 April to allow gas main renewal works.
1"There can be no possible cause for the council to blight our businesses four days in advance of the start of work and right over the Easter weekend when the town expected to be heaving with visitors," exclaimed Billy Duff (pictured) of Wade's Newsagents in Bank Street.

Rightful Anger
Speaking on behalf of numerous local commercial interests, he added: "What on earth can these numpties be thinking by imposing these restrictions this far in advance. It's a disgraceful and crass intereference with our commerce. The businesses in the town are rightfully angered by the actions of P&K".
Motorists and shopkeepers started to take independednt steps to remove the cones from the highroad onto the pavements (pictured) in defiance of the premature ban.
Ward 4 C'llr Mike Wiliamson told Comment that the responsibility for carrying out the coning lay not with P&K but with the gas company.


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