With the Commonwealth Games due to start on 23 July in Glasgow, the Queen’s Baton relay was nearing the end of its 190,000km journey through 70 nations when, on  4 July, it arrived in Blair Atholl.
There, over 200 people turned out to welcome the region’s youngest baton bearer, Megan Gray, who has battled illness to achieve sporting success and raise funds for charity. 
PitlochryQBRteamWebAmong the well-wishers in the village were Provost Liz Grant and members of the Atholl Highlanders.
The celebrations then moved south to Pitlochry where a team of ten was ready to carry the baton in relays through the town.
Despite heavy rain earlier in the day, the skies cleared and crowds of locals and visitors turned out to watch the proceedings and local baton carrier,

Vibrant Atmosphere
Robyn Gallacher (third from the right, above), told Comment: “The street was filled with people eager to see the Queen’s Baton. All of them excited and cheerful. They helped create an amazing, ecstatic atmosphere.
“It was very nerve racking but hearing the crowds cheering made me even more proud to be a part of the relay and I couldn’t wait for my turn! An unforgettable experience.”   
The Pitlochry team pictured comprised the following baton-bearers: George Law, Paul Williams, Graham McDonald, Bob Burrell, Heather McDade, Kirsty Kettles, Alastair Thorne, Robyn Gallacher, Gil Gomes Dos Santos, Nicola Edwards.
Vicki Sloan of Honest Thistle added: “Atholl Road was decked with bunting and there was a really vibrant atmosphere with everyone cheering and clapping to celebrate the baton moving through Pitlochry. 
From Pitlochry, the baton travelled south to Dunkeld and Birnam, where 104 year old resident Jessie Sinclair was delighted to be offered the chance to hold the baton, before it continued on its way. 


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