For a period of 6 weeks from 21 April, to permit gas main renewal works, temporary traffic regulation orders will apply in Aberfeldy to prohibit vehicular turning bans on:

  1. Roadworksrenewal1WebCrieff Road  - a left turn into Kenmore Street, and a right turn from Crieff Road into Bank Street;
  2. Taybridge Road -  a left turn into Bank Street, and a right turn from Taybridge Road into Kenmore Street;
  3. Bank Street - a left turn into Crieff Road, and a right turn from Bank Street into Taybridge Road.
  4. Kenmore Street - a left turn from into Taybridge Road, and a right turn from Kenmore Street into Crieff Road.

The order will also be required to prohibit loading on both sides of Bank Street, from its junction with Crieff Road to its junction with Burnside.
Pedestrian & vehicular access to premises will be maintained.
Alternatives for the routes affected above are:

  1. Taybridge Road  > Taybridge Drive > Taybridge Crescent  > Chapel Street
  2. Taybridge Drive > Taybridge Crescent  > Chapel Street   > Kenmore Street
  3. Kenmore Street   > Taybridge Drive
  4.  Bank Street   > Chapel Street   > Tayside Crescent  > Taybridge Road

Contact: Roads Network Management, P&K Environment Service 01738 477248


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