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Heartland FM Sounds Out The Community
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23 July 2013

Fortingall resident Roger Wilson has taken over as the new Chairman of the Heartland FM Radio Foundation Ltd. Mr Wilson is seeking to ‘develop new ideas’ and help direct the radio service towards a new and prosperous future.
Roger WilsonWebRoger’s career has been in architecture and he has accumulated management experience as director of a company designing emergency relief housing, He has a strong interest in the media and he is an avid radio listener.
A skilled piano player, he first became involved with the local radio service after contact with Hertland presenter Katherine Stewart, which led to a chat with Station Manager Bruce Patterson and resulted in him producing a series of programmes about movie music.
He makes no further claim to broadcasting experience, but he re-engaged with the service via the Friends of Heartland FM and, most recently, by joining the company’s board.

Communication Channel
Roger (pictured) declared: “I do not take this position lightly; it’s the responsibility of it that really matters. Heartland has a great future on a number of levels. Beyond the remit to inform and entertain, education is a key element (of the service) because we have a lot of students who are looking for careers, and equally a lot of semi-retired people with time and experience to offer.
“Heartland can become the ‘communication channel’, and it’s not just a one-way track!”
Jim McGuinness and Jason O’Flynn were nominated to join the Foundation’s  Board of Governors. Together with the existing members they will decide the current course of direction for Heartland FM.
They invite the community also to get involved with the future of the station which is owned by the local community and they urge broad participation in the survey  currently running on www.Heartlandfm.co.uk which will close 9 August.
The new chairman and the board recognise that the listeners are the most important part of Heartland FM. Roger added: “With the Perth mast we now have a broader based audience. Our programme scheduling and presentation could be improved and we are keen to ensure Heartland FM relates to the local context.”

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