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Alan’s Aberfeldy Role is Red Carpet Winner
Written by Marius   
01 December 2013

Crowds of local residents gathered in Aberfeldy on St Andrew's night to welcome Hollywood actor, and patron of The Birks Cinema, Alan Cumming. He had flown in to Scotland from filming the latest episodes of hit US TV series The Good Wife, to attend a red carpet event to mark the cinema’s official opening. 
Alan Cumming Kevin GarciaWebThe former derelict bingo hall at the heart of the town lay empty for almost 10 years and was bought by The Friends of The Birks Cinema, a charitable organization formed by the local community with the intent to transform the building into a modern cinema, restaurant and café bar.
Coming on board as Patron of The Birks Cinema in 2009, Alan Cumming has lent his considerable support to the regeneration, which saw the local community raise sufficient funding to bring the building back to life.
Staying at the recently opened five Start Fonab Castle Hotel in Pitlochry, Alan and his family enjoyed a relaxing afternoon amidst the stunning scenery of Highland Perthshire before heading to the red carpet event later that evening.

Formal Celebration
Accompanied on the evening by his husband Grant Shaffer, a well-known graphic artist and illustrator, Scotland’s Machar and playwright Liz Lochhead, and veteran Scottish actor Ralph Riach, Alan’s arrival in Aberfeldy brought a touch of Hollywood glamour to his place of birth.
The cinema’s supporters and funders gathered in formal black tie to celebrate with the star, including the project’s award winning architect, Robin Baker of Robin Baker Architects, whose work on the regeneration has earned a place on the shortlist for Scotland’s Building of the Year 2014.
Also joining the star on the red carpet was Charlotte Flower, a local chocolatier and a driving force behind the highly successful fundraising campaign.
General Manager of The Birks Cinema, Paul Foley commented: “We were delighted to welcome Alan Cumming to The Birks Cinema in Aberfeldy.
“It was the perfect way to mark a very important year for the cinema and it was marvelous to have his support and influence in helping to put the cinema firmly on the map.”

Alan Cumming is pictured here by Kevin Garcia


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