31 March 2011

Online Edition

See also the section on Terms & Conditions and please note that any views and opinions expressed within this site must not be assumed to be those of the publishers.

Booking Options:
Adverts can be taken only for 3, 6 or 12 month periods all payable IN ADVANCE.
Discounts for series bookings are offered only on 6 and 12 months purchases (as below)

Site adverts are bought by clients in ‘tiles’ sized 110 pixels (deep) x 195 pixels (wide) @ 72 pixels per inch resolution, for which they provide a jpeg (medium 7)  or gif  image.  Tiles can be purchased as singles or in combinations to create larger images. If clients require the advert to be constructed from their copy and image(s) then they should contact Anne at Firebelly Design, who will do this for a one-off fee.   CLOAKING or 01887-820017.  

If a link is required to a client’s own website there is a one-off charge of £10.00

Front page availability:
Static tile spots (only these can carry a link to an advertiser’s site); these are rotated to different positions on the front page on a weekly basis.

Run-of-Section availability:
Static tiles are available on the opening (index) pages of each of the 18 sections from General News through to What’s On

Advertising tarrif:
3 Months tariff per tile
Front Page:           £50.00 per month - £150.00 + VAT
Section of choice:  £35.00 per month - £105.00 + VAT
6 Months tariff per tile
Front Page:            £40.00 per month - £240.00 + VAT   
Section of choice:  £30.00 per month - £180.00 + VAT             
12 Months tariff per tile
Front Page:           £30.00 per month - £360.00 + VAT                      
Section of choice:  £20.00 per moonth £240.00 + VAT      

Print Edition

The print edition is produced at A4 format with 2, 3 and 4 column layouts. 

It covers the 1,000 square miles of Highland Perthshire shown below:

From January - July  2014 the advertising rates will be:

  inc VAT

 Full page              £311.64
Half page             £164.77
Third page           £134.42
Quarter page     £  85.54
Fifth page            £  69.28
Sixth page           £  58.84
Eighth page        £  49.01
Twelfth page     £  29.60

Classified ads (paper issue) - inc VAT
Up to 20 words      £ 5.86
Each 10 thereafter £ 2.36
Semi display ad      £11.76
Full display ad        £17.63


In general no charge is made for initial advert design, typesetting or scanning. 

Proofs provision by arrangement 


Surcharges for special position adverts by arrangement

Advert copy deadlines for 2014 are:
29 January; 26 February; 2 April; 30 April; 28 May; 2 July; 30 July; 27 August; 1 October; 29 October; 26 November

Advert sizes (depth measurement first):
Full Page:        265mm x 190mm
Half Page:       127mm x 190mm or   265mm x 90mm
1/3 Page:          90mm x 190mm or   127mm x 125mm or    265mm x 59mm or   175mm x 90mm
1/4 Page:        127mm x 90mm or     265mm x 45mm or        65mm x 190mm
1/5 Page:        105mm x 90mm or     230mm x 45mm
1/6h Page:      127mm x 60mm or      65mm x 125mm or       84mm x 90mm or     40mm x 190mm
1/8 Page:        127mm x 45mm or      65mm x 90mm
1/12:                 40mm x 90mm or      62mm or 60mm or        90mm x 45mm

SERIES DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE on 6 and 12 month contracts

Clients' Promotional/Advertising Inserts

The bound-in insertion of clients' promotional material in an edition of Comment is restricted to 4 pages of A4 only

To achieve this clients should supply 1,500 FLAT A3 sheets, printed both sides, which are then incorporated during the machining and passed through the finishing process (collated, folded and bound into each issue).   

To cover the additional costs of this and the variable postage premiums for our subscriber mailing circulation issues, plus the use of the publication and its reach through its sales outlets as the 'vehicle', the current cost of a full page advert (inclusive of VAT) is charged.  Because Comment has three readers per copy sold, for placing the 4 page advertisement insert directly into their hands, this charge amounts to a ha'penny per person reached.  

Optionally, it is possible to insert a single A4 or A5 sheet supplied by the client into the completed edition of Comment BUT, as this is a manual operation with its associated impact on their production process (these days with everything mechanised they employ only specialist machine operators), the printers' charge is very steep for this service.  Comment's charge for this, taking account of the points already indicated above, is the cost of the current rate for a half page advert - also inclusive of VAT.  

Contact the advertisement and circulation manager ANTONIA MALCOLM on

01250-881459 or leave a message for her to contact you on 01887 820956

Advertising Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to, and are relied upon by, Wordwright Communications (Scotland), the publishers of Comment, in relation to all advertisements accepted for publication either digitally or in print, except where agreed otherwise in writing.

1) Submission of Advertising

By accepting your advertisement (including a notice) for publication, and in publishing it, Comment does so in consideration of - and relying upon - your express warranty, the truth of which is essential, that:

a) The advertisement does not contain anything that:
     •  is misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive
     •  is defamatory or indecent or which otherwise offends against generally accepted    community standards; or
     •  infringes a copyright or trademark or otherwise infringes any intellectual or industrial property rights; or
     •  breaches any provision of any statute, regulation, by-law or other rule or law; and

b) The advertisement complies in every way with the Advertising Codes of Practice issued by the Advertising Standards Authority and with every other code or industry standard relating to advertising in the UK; and

c) Publication of the advertisement will not give rise to any liability on our part or in a claim being made against Comment.

d) By submitting a Public Notice, you warrant that the content of the notice is true. It is an offence to submit, for the purpose of publication, a notice containing false information. We assume no liability for misleading or fraudulent information.
Please note Comment does not accept announcements relating to births, deaths and marriages.

2) Liability

You agree to indemnify us against all losses or costs arising directly or indirectly from any breach of your warranties and from any costs incurred in our making corrections or amendments in accordance with the terms that follow.

3) Copyright

a) By supplying or placing an advertisement for publication you grant Comment a perpetual, royalty free license to reproduce the advertisement in any print or electronic advertising media that Comment offers advertisers now or in the future.

b) Where you utilise any aspect of Comment's creative services in the design or production of an advertisement (including photographic or design work) you acknowledge that we own the copyright in such work and that such work is not work for which a commissioning payment has been made or agreed.

c) Copyright in this website (including text, graphics, logos, icons, sound recordings and software) is owned or licensed by us. You may not, without our prior written permission, in any form or by means adapt, reproduce, store, distribute, print, display, perform, publish or create derivative works from any part of this website or commercialise or on-sell any information, items obtained from any part of this website.

4) Right to refuse or withdraw advertising

We may refuse to publish, or withdraw your advertisement from publication without having to give a reason. Please note no refunds will be given.

5) Prohibited advertisements and phrases

a) The following advertisements are prohibited:
i) Pyramid or other commission jobs which do not involve the sale of a legitimate product.
ii) Jobs which do not provide full details of the product or service involved.
iii) Jobs which promote gambling , gambling websites, or gaming activities that breach the current Gaming and Lotteries legislation.
iv) Jobs involving activities, products or services which maybe considered offensive or illegal.
v) Advertisements that imply that the advertiser intends to unlawfully discriminate are prohibited by the Human Rights Act 1993. Discrimination may be unlawful if it is based on any of the following grounds:
- Sex, including pregnancy
- Marital status
- Religious beliefs
- Ethical beliefs
- Colour
- Race
- Ethnic or national origins
- Disability
- Age
- Political opinion
- Employment status
- Family status
- Sexual orientation

b) The following terms are prohibited from advertisements:
- 'Single applicants only'
- 'Married man required'
- 'Unmarried mother'
- 'De facto couples only'
- The use of: 'he, she, male, female, girl, boy, woman, man'
- No children
c) Suggested gender neutral wording:



Girl Friday

Office Assistant/Office Assistant

Cleaning Lady



Bar Attendant
















Police Officer

6) Right to vary format and placement
a) Comment may publish the advertisement on the next available day if there is an error or delay in publication of the advertising as booked.
b) Comment may correct or amend advertising to conform to style or for other genuine reason as long as we do so using reasonable care.
c) Comment reserves the right to correctly classify and edit all copy.
d) Only the standard abbreviations of each publication are accepted. If you are not sure whether an abbreviation is valid, we recommend spelling the word out in full.

7) Errors
a) You must contact the publishers within 7 days if there is an error or omission in any advertisement you placed. We will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss (which includes loss of revenue or profit) from an error or omission or failure to publish and if we are found to have any direct liability for any circumstance that liability is limited to the cost of the space of the advertisement.
If an advert does not publish, or publish correctly, Comment can elect to re-run it correctly at an alternative date suitable to both parties.
b) Cancellations, Credits and Refunds
In order to cancel an advertisement the advertiser must contact the publisher's office 44+ (0)1887 820956 or email  CLOAKING Please note, whilst we can arrange for the cancellation of insertions, no refunds will be given.
Additionally, Comment may refuse to publish, or withdraw an advertisement from publication, without having to give a reason. Please note no refunds will be given in these circumstances.
c) We will only investigate complaints during normal office hours (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

9) Advertising Rates and Taxes
a)The charge for an advertisement will be in accordance with the published rate cards applying at the time, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
b) The rates in the Ratecard may be varied at any time by the publishers without notice.
c) VAT will be applied at the standard rate to advertising placed by all UK resident and non-resident advertisers.
d) All rates quoted are inclusive of VAT

10) Payment & Security
a) You must prepay all advertisements unless a specific arrangement has been secured for payment on invoice
b) No agency discounts apply although discounts are available for series of six or twelve consecutive advert bookings and additional discount is offered for prepayment.
c) When you place an order with Wordwright Communications (Scotland) through the Comment website, your information is transmitted over a secure server. Your online transactions via PayPal take place on a secure server. Once your credit card is processed we do not retain your credit card number, an added measure of security for your credit information.

 We give no warranty that:
a) The services we provide will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free.
b) The information provided on the website is error free or reliable.
c) The quality of any items obtained pursuant to the services provided by us will meet your requirements.
d) We will make the best possible efforts to ensure the best possible availability of the Comment website and services, however we take no responsibility for any lack of system availability, or any losses that are incurred as a result of site availability or performance.